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Explore Transplant helps patients with kidney failure, families, friends, living donors and providers understand all of the available transplant options in order to make the most informed healthcare decisions. Our educational programs are available for organizations serving kidney patients and families directly. Founded by Dr. Amy Waterman, one of the nation’s leading experts in transplant education, Explore Transplant’s programs and training seminars have benefited tens of thousands of kidney patients served by more than 120 transplant centers and 3,000 dialysis centers since 2009.


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Friday fact day: need a brief overview of the living donor evaluation, surgery & recovery process? Here's your answer: http://ow.ly/nNjA304fFON #exploretransplant #themoreyouknow #talkaboutit ... See MoreSee Less

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The National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC) helps reduce the financial disincentives to living organ donation. They have free patient education videos available on the NLDAC website in English and Spanish. To learn more about who is eligible, they've provided a video: https://vimeo.com/165324851 #exploretransplant #livingdonor ... See MoreSee Less

Reflections from the Field


From the Founder

  • An American Poet Laureate

    An American Poet Laureate

    Last week, I spoke at the White House at the Organ Donation Summit. People have asked me what it was like. To understand what that day was like, you have to go back in time 20 years. You are now a graduate student in Social Psychology, living on $15,000 for seven years as you finish your PhD. You crash into ... Read MoreView Story

Transplant News

  • Proposed Law Would Protect Living Donors

    Proposed Law Would Protect Living Donors

    Until 2014, a living organ donor could be refused health insurance on the grounds that the donation constituted a pre-existing condition. While the Accountable Care Act effectively eliminated that discrimination, some donors still have trouble getting insurance. It could be that smaller companies that don’t know the law, or others continue to charge donors higher premiums. Donors can also have ... Read MoreView Story

Donation Stories

  • Andrea Spraggins, LMSW: Kidney Recipient

    Andrea Spraggins, LMSW: Kidney Recipient

    Pontiac, MI — Andrea Spraggins was only nine when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Her kidneys failed when she was 19, and she was on peritoneal dialysis for two-and-a-half years before she decided to consider kidney transplant as a treatment option. “I was blessed to have supportive family members who offered to be living donors for me when ... Read MoreView Story
“I believe that every patient has the right to make an informed transplant choice. I also believe that if we all work together, we can dramatically increase the number of patients benefiting from transplants.”Amy Waterman, PHD

Founder, Explore Transplant