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Explore Transplant Education

Explore Transplant is a series of education programs that have helped tens of thousands of kidney patients nationwide make an informed choice about their treatment options.

The centerpiece of the program is a series of four videos that guides patients through their transplant decision-making process. There is a lot to know! That’s why Explore Transplant was created for kidney patients who may be thinking about a kidney transplant. Patients have just started thinking about their options, or may be close to choosing one. There are many things patients think about such as, “Should I stay on dialysis?”, “Is transplant for me?”, and “How will this affect my loved ones?”

Here’s what patients learn about in this packet:

  • Why kidney patients get transplants, why donors donate, plus the basics of kidney disease
  • What you need to know about kidney transplants
    • Pros and cons of different treatment options
    • Common questions about kidney transplants
    • What it’s like to get a transplant
    • Possible risks of a kidney transplant
  • What you need to know about living donation
    • Ways that people can donate a kidney
    • What it’s like to donate a kidney
    • Possible risks of a kidney transplant
  • A tool to help you think through next steps towards your treatment — this tool helps you:
    • List the people who can support you
    • Compare and choose a next step, such as learning about your treatment options, making dialysis better, or beginning transplant evaluation
    • Think deeply and begin work on your next step
    • Learn more through a helpful resources list
  • A DVD sharing real-life transplant stories from people who have gone through the living donation process

The goal of this packet is to help kidney patients make an action plan towards the treatment choice that is right for him or her.

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Explore Transplant Training Seminars

Explore Transplant partners with transplant centers, organ procurement organizations, and community organizations nationwide to offer Explore Transplant Training Seminars. Led by master-trainers with extensive experience in outreach and social work, seminars help dialysis and nephrology providers to effectively educate their patients about transplant and living donation.

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