Impact of Explore Transplant trainings

Many kidney patients who have not gone to a transplant center have not had the opportunity to be fully educated and make an informed decision about their transplant options.

In one day, dialysis and nephrology providers leave our seminars with the confidence and materials they need to effectively educate their own patients about transplant. Patients who receive this education early begin transplant evaluation more knowledgeable and open to the option of living donation.

At each Explore Transplant Training Seminar, we conduct a pre- and post-survey of attending dialysis and nephrology providers to measure changes in their’ attitudes, knowledge and intended actions toward educating kidney patients about transplant.

Providers who plan to educate at least 1 patient with Explore Transplant



Providers who plan to educate at least 5 patients with Explore Transplant



Providers who feel sufficiently knowledgeable about transplant to answer most patients’ questions:

Before attending Explore Transplant: 42%
attending Explore Transplant: 90%
in percentage points: 48%

Providers who are confident in their ability to educate about transplant:

Before attending Explore Transplant: 38%
attending Explore Transplant: 84%
in percentage points: 46%

Providers who feel the transplant education materials available at their dialysis center are excellent:

Before attending Explore Transplant: 39%
attending Explore Transplant: 72%
in percentage points: 33%