Explore Transplant education


Explore Transplant is a series of education programs that have helped tens of thousands of kidney patients nationwide make an informed choice about their treatment options.

The centerpiece of the program is a series of 4 videos that guides patients through their transplant decision-making process. There is a lot to know! That’s why Explore Transplant was created for kidney patients who may be thinking about a kidney transplant. Patients have just started thinking about their options, or may be close to choosing one. There are many things patients think about such as, “Should I stay on dialysis?”, “Is transplant for me?”, and “How will this affect my loved ones?”


Here’s what patients learn about from this program:

1. The basics of kidney disease

  • What kidneys are and what they do
  • What kidney disease is
  • How to slow down kidney disease
  • What your kidney disease treatment options are

2. What you need to know about kidney transplants

  • Pros and cons of different treatment options
  • Common questions about kidney transplants
  • What it’s like to get a kidney transplant
  • Possible risks of a kidney transplant

3. What you need to know about living donation

  • Ways that people can donate a kidney
  • What it’s like to donate a kidney
  • Possible risks to a living donor

4. How to decide what to do about your kidney disease

  • Reasons to explore a transplant
  • Who can support you
  • List of helpful resources
  • Compare and choose a next step, such as learning about your treatment options, making dialysis better, or beginning transplant evaluation or pursuing living donation

5. Learn real-life donation stories

  • From people who have received living donor transplants
  • From people who have donated kidneys
The goal of this program is to help kidney patients make an action plan towards the treatment choice that is right for them.