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Welcome! Congratulations on deciding to learn more about kidney transplant and living donation. Whether you are a patient, family member, friend, potential donor, or healthcare provider, we are here to help.

Explore Transplant is a national consortium of leading experts in transplant, health literacy, and research. Our commitment is to provide you with the best education and decision-making tools available.

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1 day ago

Interested in becoming an organ donor? Learn how with this Mayo Clinic video!!!! #nationaldonorday https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=56&v=9TB51USz_oA ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

In honor of #nationaldonorday here are the top 3 reasons to become a living kidney donor according to the Mayo Clinic. Share your reasons for donating in the comments below!
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1 day ago

Today is not only a day to celebrate love but a day to celebrate organ donation. According to Donate Life America:
-Nearly 114,000 Americans are currently waiting for an organ transplant.
-One person can save eight lives and enhance 75 others through organ, eye and tissue donation.
-A living donor can provide a kidney or a portion of their liver, lung, pancreas or intestine to someone in need.

Register to be an organ donor, today at: http://registerme.org

Learn more about living kidney donation at: https://exploretransplant.org/
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3 days ago

Learn more about paired kidney donation from this informative Mayo Clinic video. Explore transplant believes in the importance of informed decision making so patients can take on an active role in their health and treatment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=66&v=mDbMxIybx84

You can learn more about kidney disease, kidney transplant, and living donation on our website http://www.exploretransplant.org
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1 week ago

Here at Explore Transplant we have a vision to increase transplant and living donation rates and solve the kidney donor shortage. This vision will be achieved when:

-More people are inspired and educated about kidney transplantation and living donation
-Patient-centered health measures for transplant have been designed and implemented nationally
-Racial disparities in transplant are being reduced across the country
-More transplants, especially living donor transplants, are occurring
-Medication adherence rates after kidney transplant have increased

Learn more about what we do on our website: https://exploretransplant.org/
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1 week ago

Back in 2015, Jeremy Davies donated bone marrow to a stranger through Be The Match. He developed a friendship with his recipient and three years later he gave her his kidney. Living donation can often times be a gift for both donor and recipient. Read more about Davies and his donation experience on USA TODAY http://ow.ly/uVpW50kytsQ

You can find more stories about living donation on our website: http://ow.ly/TLRv50kytsP
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2 weeks ago

Explore Transplant created My Transplant Coach, an online, video-based decision aid that uses animated videos and personalized graphs to let you know what kidney disease treatment options are available, so you can make informed decisions that are right for you. You can access My Transplant Coach on our website: http://exploretransplant.org/my-transplant-coach/ ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Two families who participated in a "kidney swap" at Loma Linda University Transplant Institute got to reunite recently post-transplant and celebrate the gift of life. Loma Linda Health News posted an article and video that shared the families' experiences. By choosing to participate in paired exchange, Morin (left) was able to impact not one, but two lives https://news.llu.edu/clinical/video-two-families-meet-for-first-time-after-kidney-exchange ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

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  • My Transplant Coach – A decision aid for patients with kidney failure

    My Transplant Coach – A decision aid for patients with kidney failure

    Patients with kidney failure have different options when choosing the treatment they feel is best for them, and it’s not always an easy choice to make. According to Dr. Amy Waterman, Professor in the Division of Nephrology at UCLA, and Director of the Transplant Research and Education Center (TREC) at the Terasaki Research Institute, “Patients want to choose the treatment options for kidney failure that help them live the longest. To do that, they have ... Read MoreLearn more
  • Strategic partnership is more than a set of opening moves

    Strategic partnership is more than a set of opening moves

    We are pleased to share the following contribution, from our partner Catina O’Leary, PhD, Health Literacy Media president and CEO.  Catina O’Leary, PhD, (left) and Amy Waterman, PhD, have partnered to bring kidney transplant education out of the transplant center and into patients’ lives. The game of chess starts with the opener – a set of moves that, to the untrained eye, might seem mundane and inconsequential. To the expert, though, the opener is an ... Read MoreLearn more
  • Phillip Palmer: my decision to donate

    Phillip Palmer: my decision to donate

    Phillip Palmer, morning anchor for ABC7 in Los Angeles, was inspired to donate a kidney after reading a Sports Illustrated article about then-NBA star and transplant recipient Alonzo Mourning. He resolved then to one day save someone’s life as a living kidney donor. Years later, that person turned out to be longtime friend Dale Davis. Phillip reflects on his living donation journey. Oddly enough, I learned most everything I know about living donation as I ... Read MoreLearn more