Explore Living Donation education


The Explore Living Donation Education Program helps kidney patients and their loved ones make informed decisions about whether to receive a living donor transplant and offers practical strategies to find a living donor. It also educates potential living donors and recipients about the risks and benefits of donating a kidney. Explore Living Donation is for kidney patients as well as family and friends who are curious about how they could support someone in need of a transplant. The materials are available in English and Spanish.


Here’s what patients learn about from this program:

1. The basics of living donation

  • What are the options for transplant
  • Who can be a living donor
  • The living donor process
  • Possible risks of living donation
  • What donors and recipients say

2. How to find a living kidney donor

  • Practical ways to prepare a message and get the word out

3. How to help a loved one with kidney disease—a guide for family and friends

  • Basics about kidney disease and treatment options, including dialysis and transplant
  •  Practical ways to help your loved one
  • What to consider when thinking about becoming a living donor

4. Learn about helpful resources

5. Learn real-life donation stories

  • From people who have received living donor transplants
  • From people who have donated kidneys
The goal of this program is to help kidney patients and their family and friends decide on and take actions that are right for them.