Why donors donate

If someone you know has kidney failure, you may be looking for ways to help. Many people feel that their relationship and life with a loved one would improve if the person had a kidney transplant. This leads some people to consider becoming a living donor.

What living donors say

“Every time I see her, I think of how good she looks, how she is able to travel freely through life without dialysis.”

“It was like saving my own life because my husband is my life too.”

“Seeing her healthy and back to her old self has been a rare gift that I have been able to witness.”

“I didn’t want to finish raising my children without him. I knew I had as much to gain, if not more, than he did.”

What kidney patients who have received a living donor kidney say

“I wanted out of dialysis fast, with the best type of kidney transplant that I could get.”

“I enjoy so many foods that I couldn’t eat on dialysis, and I drink a lot of water now.”

“I have no words to thank my living donor. I just want to pay it forward and help others.”

“I can’t tell you how great I feel with a kidney that is working. I had forgotten how much energy I would have to do what I love.”
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