Why get a transplant?

For many people transplant is the best option.

The advantages include:
  • People who get a transplant often have more energy than patients on dialysis. Most can go back to work, eat and drink more freely, and return to exercising.
  • A transplanted kidney can do 50% to 80% of what a normal kidney does, while dialysis can do only 10% to 15% of what a normal kidney does.
Transplant recipients generally have more time and freedom without dialysis.

Why kidney patients get transplants

“I enjoy so many foods that I couldn't eat on dialysis, and I drink a lot of water now.”

“My life is back to the way it was before my kidneys failed.”

“I can’t tell you how great I feel with a kidney that is working. I had forgotten how much energy I would have to do what I love.”
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