My Kidney Transplant & Paired Donation Coach

My Kidney Transplant & Paired Donation Coach is an interactive series of animations designed to help you learn about kidney transplant and paired kidney donation. These videos will educate you on treatment options that are available so you can make informed decisions that are right for you.

Our animated coach Tracy will tell you about kidney disease and the different treatment options, including the risks and benefits of kidney transplant and donation, the transplant/donation evaluation and surgery processes, and related costs. She will also explain why people choose to get a transplant or donate a kidney, and some common myths related to the process.

Chapter 1:

Introduction to kidney disease and treatment options

Chapter 2:

Living donor kidney transplants

Chapter 3:

Deceased donor transplants

Chapter 4:

Kidney paired donation (KPD) transplants

Chapter 5:

Early donation voucher programs and myths about transplant

Chapter 6:

Transplant surgery process

Chapter 7:

Costs related to transplant and donation

Chapter 8:

Transplant evaluation process for donors and recipients

Chapter 9:

Getting test results

Chapter 10:

Review and next steps
These animations were supported by funds from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA).