Special initiatives

UNOS Kidney Transplant Learning Center

In partnership with the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), a Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel of national leaders in transplant and the design of transplant education from eight medical centers and universities has created an online hub containing educational resources about transplant and living donation. Explore Transplant is one of the educational programs that contributed content to the site.

Living Donor Collective Study

The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), has partnered with 16 transplant programs across the country to establish a registry of living donors to follow long-term health outcomes after living donation. The UCLA Pancreas and Kidney Transplant Program has been selected as one of the transplant programs that will collect data for the project over a three-year period.

The major projected outcome is to collect data from all potential living donors. In partnership with the UCLA Pancreas and Kidney Transplant Program, the TREC team expects to begin collecting data in Winter 2018.

Explore Transplant Ontario

In 2015, Explore Transplant extended its mission to the international transplant community for the first time, in partnership with the Canadian transplant and dialysis communities, creating education materials specifically for the Ontario transplant and living donation community.

Explore Transplant Singapore

In 2016, Dr. Amy Waterman traveled to Singapore, her first trip to Asia, accepting an invitation from the Singapore Ministry of Health. She met with more than seventy kidney, dialysis, and transplant leaders to discuss ways to help kidney patients and potential living donors learn about the option of living donation.

My Transplant Coach U.S.

Part of the family of educational programs available through Explore Transplant, My Transplant Coach is an interactive, online, video-based decision aid for patients with kidney failure. It uses animated videos and personalized graphs to help patients understand what treatment options are available, so they can make informed decisions that are right for them.