My Transplant Coach

The Mobile App About Transplant

My Transplant Coach is a mobile application (app) that was designed to educate patients about the transplant evaluation experience. The app uses animated storytelling and an interactive algorithm that assesses patients’ clinical characteristics and predicts which types of kidney transplants would help them live the longest. The app has been tested and is culturally competent for patients of varying ages, races, and technology experience.

Use your iPad to download and use the app. The app is compatible and available for download on iOS versions 9.3.5. and up.

Download the App!
If the app is not working:
  • Delete the app.
  • Restart your iPad.
  • Redownload the app.
  • Go into Settings > General > Profiles & Devices Management > VidPlat and “trust” the VidPlat app.
  • The app should be functional after these steps.