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My Transplant Coach Canada is an interactive, online, video-based decision aid for patients with kidney failure. It uses animated videos to help Canadian patients understand what treatment options are available, so they can make informed decisions that are right for them.

Meet Tracy, your new transplant coach. The animated transplant coach, Tracy, explains the risks and benefits of kidney transplant vs. dialysis, the types of deceased donor kidneys available and the benefits and risks of each type, and the benefits and risks of living donor kidney transplant. She also discusses why people choose to get a transplant, or choose to donate a kidney, and addresses some common myths and questions about kidney transplants.

My Transplant Coach Canada is part of a collaboration across top health organizations:

  • Canadian Blood Services is a non-profit charitable organization. Our role in Canada is to focus on life essentials for transfusion and transplantation, including blood, plasma, stem cells, and organs and tissues.
  • UCLA Transplant Research and Education Center (TREC) designs and conducts research and educational interventions about kidney disease, transplant, and living donation.
  • Health Literacy Media (HLM) specializes in improving health literacy through clear communication trainings, plain language messaging and design, audience research, content development, and active interventions within underserved communities.
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The My Transplant Coach Canada website contains educational information and does not provide medical advice. The information is not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a doctor, and does not replace a doctor’s independent judgment about the right care for you based on your specific clinical circumstances. For medical advice about your own situation, ask a health care professional. No personal or health information is stored on the website. If you leave the site before you finish the program, your health information won’t be saved. That means if you come back to finish the program, you will need to re-enter your information. You will have the opportunity to email yourself some of the health information in the website. My Transplant Coach Canada is not responsible for what happens to this information after you email it. But we suggest that you share this with your doctor and ask about your treatment options.