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In 2016, Dr. Amy Waterman traveled to Singapore, her first trip to Asia, accepting an invitation from the Singapore Ministry of Health. She met with more than seventy kidney, dialysis, and transplant leaders — representing Singapore General Hospital, National University Hospital, National Kidney Foundation (NKF), Fresenius, Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF), DaVita and RenalTeam and the National Organ Transplant Unit (NOTU) — to discuss ways to help kidney patients and potential living donors learn about the option of living donation. It was a chance to explore the transplant successes and challenges of a different culture and offer some suggestions and advice.

According to the United States Renal Data System’s 2016 annual report, like the United States, Singapore is a global hot spot for kidney disease and kidney failure.  While Singapore has the 5th highest rate of kidney disease and failure worldwide, their transplantation rates are the 5th lowest internationally.  Similarly, the United States has the 3rd highest rate of kidney disease and failure worldwide, and their transplantation rates are the 17th lowest internationally.

Every country faces unique challenges within their own healthcare systems and geography. Over 80% of patients with kidney failure receive dialysis in Singapore. Many of the discussions were about how the U.S. and Canada are working to increase the rates of dialysis occurring in patients’ homes, as well as transplant rates.

Dr. Waterman’s final meetings with the Singapore Ministry of Health and her hosts from Singapore General Hospital and National University Hospital focused on planning new initiatives to implement some of her recommendations.

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