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Explore Transplant helps patients with kidney failure, families, friends, living donors and providers understand all of the available transplant options in order to make the most informed healthcare decisions. Our educational programs are available for organizations serving kidney patients and families directly. Founded by Dr. Amy Waterman, one of the nation’s leading experts in transplant education, Explore Transplant’s programs and training seminars have benefited tens of thousands of kidney patients served by more than 120 transplant centers and 3,000 dialysis centers since 2009.


5 days ago

And the answer to our quiz question this week....Can adults over age 50 donate? #themoreyouknow


Adults (age 18 and older) can be living kidney donors. There is no age cutoff or limit for donating. Instead, people can donate only if they are in good health. This means that they do not have medical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, or heart disease.

More myths and facts from National Kidney Foundation of Illinois and Informate: http://bit.ly/2g1y65Z
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7 days ago

True or False: Adults over age 50 can be living kidney donors. What's your transplantation IQ? #quiz #themoreyouknow ... See MoreSee Less

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  • Leaves, Kidneys, and Elections

    Leaves, Kidneys, and Elections

    I am attending a workshop in Norwich, Connecticut these last two weeks of October. Here at the Norwich Spa and Inn, walking past historic red brick buildings and a bee aviary along stone pathways, I have had the privilege of seeing the fall leaves at their true peak, literally exploding. The beauty of the red, green, and yellow leaves is ... Read MoreView Story

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  • Proposed Law Would Protect Living Donors

    Proposed Law Would Protect Living Donors

    Until 2014, a living organ donor could be refused health insurance on the grounds that the donation constituted a pre-existing condition. While the Accountable Care Act effectively eliminated that discrimination, some donors still have trouble getting insurance. It could be that smaller companies that don’t know the law, or others continue to charge donors higher premiums. Donors can also have ... Read MoreView Story

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“I believe that every patient has the right to make an informed transplant choice. I also believe that if we all work together, we can dramatically increase the number of patients benefiting from transplants.”Amy Waterman, PHD

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