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Celebrating partnership and Donate Life month

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As Donate Life Month continues, we celebrate the partnership that the Patient Engagement Research Lab and Sanofi have with the Living Donation Storytelling Project. Our very own Dr. Amy Waterman was interviewed for a story on the Sanofi website. “I hope people will see themselves in the living donors and patients who are featured on the website because those touched by kidney disease are truly diverse. I hope that the shared peer-to-peer stories will impart …

Building bridges – A TRI-UCLA partnership

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The Terasaki Research Institute (TRI)’s recent Grand Opening celebration, honoring the research and legacy of Dr. Paul Terasaki, was an exciting opportunity to introduce some of the many innovative projects going on at the Institute. The creative workforce behind these projects was present as well, as guests had the opportunity to engage with the group of scientists, researchers, and individuals collaborating together to change the world of transplantation. In addition to the TRI team, the …

It takes a village: dual perspectives on a partnership

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Amy Waterman It takes a village to create and deliver the kind of kidney transplant education that can really meet the needs of healthcare providers, patients, and donors across the United States. To reach 650,000 plus people suffering from end-stage-renal-disease (ESRD). For those of us who work in this field, it also feels as if change is the only constant. While working in my first academic job as a faculty member at Washington University, St. …