Dr. Amy Waterman and Parsa, member of the Rising Stars program at Houston Methodist

It takes a village part 1: One more new surgeon:

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My friend Joe Sinacore and I work in the field of kidney transplantation together, he in New Jersey and me in Houston. One evening we ate dinner together and he shared, “My taxi driver really wants to help his son Parsa, an incoming high school senior, get into medical school.” He explained that Peter Rajabi, his driver from the airport, had told him that most hospitals had stopped offering many opportunities to high school and …

Our lab celebrates the Rising Stars program

Karen HandelmanTransplant News

Healthcare institutions must develop new approaches to educate and inspire a diverse group of individuals to seek careers in healthcare. The Rising Stars Summer Enrichment program at Houston Methodist was developed to increase the confidence of high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue careers in medicine and to build a pipeline for supporting these individuals. Listen to Dr. Waterman and the students discuss the program and how it’s working!