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It’s time to get your new and improved kidney transplant education materials!

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Did you hear? Explore Transplant and Explore Living Donation education has been fully revised with evidence-based health literate best practices, and it’s now ready for purchase! These programs, available in English and Spanish, have helped tens of thousands of kidney patients and their loved ones make informed choices about treatment. Health Literacy Media worked with Dr. Amy Waterman to revise her gold standard kidney transplant education programs with a health literacy lens to bring impactful, …

Explore Transplant educational materials and trainings available

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In this short video, Explore Transplant’s Christina Goalby, MSW and HLM’s Director of Partnerships and Initiatives Allen Todd discuss educational opportunities available to the transplant community. These include Explore Transplant and Explore Living Donation educational materials and trainings to educate dialysis providers about kidney transplant and living donation.

New resource for kidney patients, the UNOS Kidney Transplant Learning Center

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Where should a kidney patient or potential living donor go online to get comprehensive information about transplant and living donation? How do they know that the information available online can be trusted to be accurate and unbiased? In June 2016, nationally recognized transplant and kidney disease education experts were invited to take part in President Obama’s Organ Donation Summit to improve outcomes for individuals waiting for organ transplants and enhance support for living donors. One …

My Transplant Coach – A decision aid for patients with kidney failure

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Patients with kidney failure have different options when choosing the treatment they feel is best for them, and it’s not always an easy choice to make. According to Dr. Amy Waterman, Professor in the Division of Nephrology at UCLA, and Director of the Transplant Research and Education Center (TREC) at the Terasaki Research Institute, “Patients want to choose the treatment options for kidney failure that help them live the longest. To do that, they have …

Explore Transplant goes international with Explore Transplant Ontario

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This October, as the fall leaves changed colors, Dr. Amy Waterman flew to Toronto to represent UCLA, Explore Transplant, and Health Literacy Media at the launch of a provincial initiative to increase the rates of living donor kidney transplants in Ontario. Explore Transplant Ontario is one of the interventions being championed for use within the Access to Kidney Transplantation and Living Donation Strategy, an initiative being sponsored by the Ontario Renal Network (ORN) and the …

Kidney transplant and donation education goes national

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Have you ever wondered why people choose to donate a kidney? And whether these donors regret their decision later? Amy Waterman first became interested in organ donation over 20 years ago when she conducted surveys of kidney donors as a graduate student in social psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. “It was amazing that hundreds of living donors we surveyed not only told us that they didn’t regret their decision, but also found it …