Meet our interns!

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At TIBI and TREC, our interns assist with everything from creating content for our social media pages, transcribing and coding interviews, and developing patient-centered health education. Most choose to receive academic credit for their time in the lab. Our interns come from diverse backgrounds with many different academic concentrations, bringing their unique perspectives and talents to the lab to serve kidney and cancer patients, and living donors.

Jessica Nunez is a senior at UCLA double-majoring in Cognitive Science and Spanish, Community, and Culture. After college, she hopes to become a physician in preventative medicine so she can help address health disparities and language barriers in Spanish-speaking communities. A public figure she admires is Michelle Obama, who Jessica says is, “such a female icon and girl boss. Her motivational words portrayed in her book and talks inspire me to never give up on reaching my goals.”

Fun fact about Jessica: “I love tacos and I enjoy exploring the outdoors. My personal favorite is watching the sunset by the beach.”

Kimberly Sanchez is a senior majoring in Physiological Science with plans on becoming an emergency physician. After graduating, she also will be taking a gap year to gain more medical experience. Kimberly looks up to Latinx doctors who have come up from low-income communities, overcoming many obstacles to become successful professionals committed to serving others.

Fun fact about Kimberly: “I forgot how to ride a bike after not riding for 11 years because I chipped my front tooth the first time I rode one.”

Brian Ha is a junior studying Communications in order to pursue a career in Human Resources. Brian was inspired to go into Communications because of his AP English teacher and Toby Flenderson from The Office (US). He also looks up to Tim Duncan, NBA Hall of Famer, because “he taught me that the best way to succeed in anything you do is to master the fundamentals.”

Fun fact about Brian: “I can play the violin, piano, and guitar.” 

Iman Rodriguez is a junior majoring in Physiological Science and minoring in Global Health. She is interested in working in the healthcare field to help patients. Right now, she is exploring different areas, like the medical field and administrative field, to decide on what she would like to do in the future. Someone she looks up to is Marie Curie because she was a pioneer in radioactivity research, was one of the first female professors, and has paved the way for more female researchers.

Fun fact about Iman: “My favorite food is enchiladas!”

Katia Dahmani is a junior studying Math/Economics with a minor in Accounting. She dreams of working on the financial side of healthcare or biotech.

Fun fact about Katia: “I have a twin sister.”


Ally Zweigle is a senior majoring in Human Biology and Society with a minor in Global Health. After college, Ally wants to continue fostering her passion for global and underrepresented community health by pursuing an MPH or MD/MPH. Right now, her ultimate career goals are related to international development and the health of underrepresented communities through potentially working for the World Health Organization or Doctors Without Borders. One of her role models is Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her dedication to fighting for human rights and equality.

Fun fact about Ally: “I love, love, love plants and have over 10 in my tiny apartment.”

Alice Yang is a junior majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Structural Biology. Alice has a passion for improving patient experiences and knowledge, inspired by her work with TREC. She hopes to continue this work in the future by participating in research and becoming a physician. One of her inspirations is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because of her ability to hold her ground and fight to fix issues that are important to her, showing that passion and commitment to what you care about will lead to triumph.

Fun fact about Alice: “I was a competitive figure skater for Team USA and now I compete on the UCLA Figure Skating team.”